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Enjoy family, friends, and food in a whole new way.

So Flyware keeps your food safe from pesky bugs so you can eat with confidence.

Made for community.

We believe when eating together, it is better enjoyed with the ones you love. Our products make it hygienic and simple to enjoy your food outdoors without having to worry about pests and food contamination.

Our products

Eliminate flies from landing on your serving spoons, spatula and other serving utensils by sealing them in a specially designed SureCover Utensil Rest plastic container. This tight seal will keep unwanted insects from contaminating your family and friend's foods.

Retractable Lid

The ideal solution to keeping your food safe from pest contamination and designed to fit most serving dishes. It’s advanced retracting lid creates a perfect seal keeping unwanted insects from your food. Not only does it keep your food safe from contamination, it helps keep it warm and fresh.

our products
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